IT-Projekte sind komplex und sollten durch Verträge nicht komplizierter werden.

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IT law

The – regarding its extent – broadly diversified and permanently developing information technology sector involves many challenges and risks and indispensably requires special legal knowledge nowadays. Apart from legal knowledge, however, technical expertise is a precondition for the best possible legal advice. In the field of IT law, we have handled clients‘ cases for many years. Therefore, our clients benefit from our high level of practical experience. Furthermore, regular advanced training courses ensure that we are always up to date, both from a legal and a technical point of view.

A high degree of importance is attached to the drafting of contracts in the field of information technology, because companies can save considerable costs and prevent conflicts by a good contract management. Many conflicts, for example, arise between contractual partners due to avoidable mistakes before or during the contract drafting. We prevent such conflicts by providing appropriate legal advice. In particular owing to the usually necessary individual character of IT contracts, we support our clients with professional legal advice.

Electronic business transactions increasingly replace the conventional distribution of goods and services. Whether B2B or B2C, we help online shop owners to design their online shops in a legally secure manner in order to prevent written warnings. This, among other things, includes the drawing up of legal texts and individual general terms and conditions as well as the examination of the applicable information and marking obligations. The provision of advice to clients and the representation of clients in issues under the competition law are key elements of our advisory activity. In this regard, we can make use of our many years of professional experience.

Especially the international phone-hacking scandal has sensitized companies and consumers to questions relating to data protection law. The focus of our activity in the field of data protection lies on the provision of advice to companies regarding the compliance with data protection requirements. Furthermore, we draft contracts under data protection law and company-internal data protection guidelines.

So-called IT projects deal with information and communication systems and are regularly characterized by the indefiniteness of the subject of the project. Thus, they involve considerable risks. Many IT projects fail or develop in a manner other than that originally planned. Within the scope of our advisory activity and the drafting of contracts, we help our clients to recognize risks and we show them possible solutions. Our professional activity does not end with the conclusion of the contract, because we also support our clients during the long-term contract performance which is often the case.

Even if fixed-network telephony loses more and more of its importance, other areas of the telecommunication spectrum become increasingly important. In this respect, we especially provide advice to, and represent telecommunication service providers in the development of new telecommunication concepts and in general and specific questions about the drafting of contracts. In this context, special attention is paid to the compatibility with the German and European competition law, apart from the telecommunication law. Moreover, we support our clients in their compliance with the relevant regulations under consumer protection law and data protection law.

We ensure optimal protection of intangible assets on the Internet, as well. This includes trademarks, patents, design law and copyrighted works, such as software, films, photos or music. We provide advice to our clients on all issues relating to intellectual property, and we represent our clients in the assertion of their rights, or we defend them if, for example, claims are made against them in the form of a written warning or a preliminary injunction.

Do you have any further questions? Our foregoing general information cannot replace legal advice in individual cases. If you require legal advice or legal representation for your specific concern, we will be pleased to be at your disposal. Simply call or write us.  

  • Assertion of rights to information and claims for damages
  • Defence in case of written warnings
  • Provision of advice in connection with data protection
  • Negotiating and drafting of IT project agreements / software agreements / know-how agreements
  • Drawing up and adaptation of terms of use (EULA) for software and user-generated content
  • Implementation of preliminary injunction proceedings
  • Opposition proceedings in case of preliminary injunction proceedings