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Contract Expertise

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Real estate law

Our advisory service specializes in all issues related to real estate: acquisition, encumbrance, evaluation and sale as well as management of real estate. Real estate is among the most important assets of private persons, companies and national and international investment companies. Thus, real estate law is one of the most crucial fields of law. Therefore, your security and your benefit have top priority for our attorneys at law.

The decisive factors for a future-oriented evaluation of real estate are not restricted to its position, size and number of housing units or commercial units. We examine any real estate or any real estate portfolio in a reliable and practically oriented manner for earnings opportunities and the value growth of the property. Within the scope of a legal due diligence review (legal real estate evaluation), we investigate the land register and its entries as to whether tenancy agreements can be terminated or not, for any existing risks, and for the return opportunities which can be realized. As required, we define the scope of such examination together with you and we prepare expert opinions which will help you in financing your object.

The need for advisory service can be very extensive in case of purchase and sale of real estate. Errors made in the financing or purchase of real estate can have far-reaching consequences. That is why, in negotiations, we support and advise you comprehensively on all issues related to real estate transactions and financing agreements prior to signing the notarized contract of purchase and sale.

All legal questions in connection with the purchase of real estate are thoroughly examined. This includes the notarized contract of purchase and sale for the purchase of a house, the acquisition of property or the purchase or sale of owner-occupied flats. We draw up and design this contract in accordance with your interests, because the notary public is the independent and impartial servant of the parties involved, and does not represent your interests. We recommend that you always seek timely legal advice in case of real estate purchases.

Residential tenancy law has developed into a complex topic. It is the cause of disputes in many cases. We represent landlords, property management companies and owner communities throughout Germany. The tenancy law within the residential tenancy law is designed to be tenant friendly. We show you ways how to assert your rights as owners. Whether in cases of arrears of tenants, late payment, written warnings, unjustified rent reductions, terminations of tenancy agreements, actions of eviction, modernization issues or rent increases – we mainly represent the landlords.

In commercial tenancy law, we represent tenants and landlords. The German tenancy law distinguishes between the use of rented property for residential and commercial purposes. Therefore, a separate field of law has been formed. It covers commercial tenancy agreements regarding retail spaces, office premises, rooms of law firms and law practices, doctors’ offices, shopping centres, warehouses, factory buildings, workshops and spaces which are used for advertising purposes.

Our professional legal services cover the drafting and negotiating of tenancy agreements for commercial premises as well as the out-of-court and in-court representation of tenants or landlords.  Based on our practical experience as attorneys at law, it is advisable to perform a thorough examination of the following topics prior to the conclusion of a commercial tenancy agreement: determination of the intended purpose of the leased property, contract duration, collateral agreements, rights of termination, competition protection and non-competition clauses, stable value clauses, sublease clauses, contractual exclusions of rights, just to name a few topics. Errors made in the contract design can have far-reaching consequences for entrepreneurs or landlords.

We will represent and safeguard your interests in court and out of court if difficulties occur at a later point in time of the ongoing tenancy or upon termination of the tenancy or if any conflict potential arises out of the tenancy.