Application procedure

Step 1

Once you have completed your order form and submitted it to us, we perform a Comprehensive Trademark Search, with the professional search technology of our partner Tulex in the currently available data of OHIM, WIPO and all 25 EU trademark offices. In this process, it is searched for visually and phonetically similar trademarks.

Step 2

The search result is evaluated by our specialized trademark attorney within 3 work days and summarized in a brief expert opinion. In this way, you receive a risk assessment, a suggestion for the list of classes and recommendations for further action.

Step 3

If you wish, you can discuss the brief expert opinion and coordinate the suggested list of classes and the next steps by telephone with us.

Step 4

Our trademark attorney draws up your application and submits it electronically to OHIM.

Step 5

We accompany the registration procedure and handle possible queries of OHIM until we are able to send you the original document of the trademark certificate.

Step 6

After the registration, we will be pleased to perform the monitoring of your trademark or to advise you on further aspects of your company.

Online Trademark Application Europe Premium 1399,00 Euro


    Information on the trademark

  • Trademark Owner

  • In whose name is the trademark registration supposed to be applied for? The trademark can be registered in the name of private persons or companies. A later transfer is also possible.
  • Information of the orderer

  • e-mail address:

  • Please enter the email address through which communication is to take place during the registration process.
  • Payment method

  • • Please note that the official fees amounting to 200.00 GBP must be additionally paid for each class, directly to IPO. We will inform you about this separately. If you apply for the registration of more than 3 classes, we additionally charge you 75.00 euros for each class.