Fields of law

Practical emphases

  • Representation of civil servants in preliminary proceedings, formal proceedings, or regarding the prohibition of the exercise of his or her office, preliminary suspension, salary cut and dismissal;
  • Representation of applicants for a civil service post who have been ignored during the selection process in which another applicant has got the job and, if applicable, clarification of the claim for damages in case of appointment of such rival applicant;
  • Provision of legal assistance in case a client has been accused of company and industrial espionage according to the Sections 17 ff. Law against Unfair Competition by developing adequate response strategies;
  • Looking after the client’s trademark rights, design rights and copyrights by issuing cease and desist warnings and/or counter-warnings and by initiating accelerated proceedings before the competent courts, and by defending the client against all the aforementioned issues;
  • In case a client appears as a competitor under the competition law, provision of legal assistance against the client’s competition, and protection and defence of the client from and against inadmissible statements made by third parties

Additional qualifications

  • Specialist Attorney for Administrative Law
  • LL.M. (Düsseldorf) for Information Law